What Our Employees Are Saying

“I love that I get to work on a wide variety of projects – sometimes even on the same day! There are plenty of opportunities to learn, and you can always find someone who can help you learn something new. Everyone works together to succeed.”

– Engineer, Chicago, IL

“Above all else, with all the multiple offices and employees we have here at Collins, I love that we are one in everything we do and achieve. I could not have made a better decision than when I decided to work for Collins. They have made me feel as a member of a fantastic team.”

– Administrative Assistant
Newport News, VA

“I enjoy the ever-changing and diverse work environment which we encounter with the type of work we do. One week you could be working on a bridge design/rating project and the next you could be inspecting a bridge hanging 60 feet over the water. This helps keep your work life interesting to say the least.”

– Engineer, Dedham, MA

“Collins provides an interesting mix of projects including waterfront, bridge, and construction with a wide variety of clients, both small and private to large and public. Interoffice work sharing is conducted between professionals at all levels and real teamwork results in project success.”

– Engineer, Portsmouth, NH

“Working in construction engineering allows me to work outside quite a bit and enjoy all aspects associated with that. Working with a team of 60+ engineers on a project really reinforces what teamwork means.”

– Senior Engineering Technician
Milwaukee, WI

“Working at Collins, I know my opinions and ideas are listened to and, if viable, acted on. This can be done informally through conversation with my supervisor, or formally through the firm’s Performance-Improvement-Innovation program.”

– Communications Manager
Chicago, IL

“Collins Engineers is a family owned business, and they truly treat you as a member of their family. As an office, we celebrate each other’s victories and support one another in times of loss.”

– Administrative Assistant
Milwaukee, WI

“Collins gives me everything I need to succeed. I am provided awesome opportunities for development, and feel supported and appreciated by management.”

– Learning & Development Manager
Chicago, IL